Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 2, 2012

Broadcast on 02-Apr-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

magazine, triola, wolfgang voigt, ookpik, ulrich schnauss/mark peters, ivardensphere, legion of green men, marcus fischer, thomas jirku, prophecy sun, spool, jhno, beats on canvas, kinnie starr, the field, sinewave, ian simmonds, sparrow orange, robag wruhme, kenny graham and his satellites, sissy, elsiane, quadra, trentemoller, trailer trash tracys & neon indian.

Track Listing:

the visitors bureau
various (magazine) · pop ambient 2012
various (triola) · pop ambient 2012
ruckverzauberung 5
various (wolfgang voigt) · pop ambient 2012
ookpik · light limited
yesterday didn't exist
ulrich schnauss/mark peters · underrated silence
People of the Sun
iVardensphere · APOK
beyond the borderless
various (legion of green men) · interior horizons
cold days
marcus fischer · collected dust
thomas jirku · entropy
Hey Hey Hey
Prophecy Sun · Not For Dogs
spool · s.t.
little yellow car
jhno · kwno
sinking the 8 ball in zaire
beats on canvas · s.t.
sun again
kinnie starr · sun again
Is This Power
The Field · Looping State Of Mind
gravity vortex vertigo
sinewave · unity gain
alvin's blues
ian simmonds · return to x
to the sea
sparrow orange · hands and knees music
robag wruhme · wuzzlebud kk
kenny graham and his satellites · moondog and suncat suites
imminent rampage
sissy · march of the humans
across the stream
elsiane · hybrid
sexy beast
various (quadra) · button down beats
sycamore feeling
trentemoller · reworked/remixed
strangling goog guys
trailer trash tracys · ester
i could be a shadow
neon indian · era extrana