Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 19, 2012

Broadcast on 19-Mar-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

colophon, fennez/r. sakamoto, 1 mile north, thomas jirku, loscil, ulrich schnauss/mark peters, subtractive lad, ookpik, marcus fischer, boomerang, bonobo, lumo, jhno, fascade@137db, the field, brian eno/rick holland, solidaze, loka, plug, dntl, memoryhouse, sissy, trailertrashtracys & grimes.

Track Listing:

texas heat
various (colophon) · conduction,convection,radiation
fennez & sakamoto · flumina
east coast habour/ashes & dust
various (1 mile north) · conduction,convection,radiation
99 variants part 1
thomas jirku · variants
fuel exergy
loscil · triple point
rosen im asphalt
ulrich schnauss/mark peters · underrated silence
the sun in your eyes
subtractive lad · no man's land
ookpik · light limited
cold days
marcus fischer · collected dust
the don (edit)
various (boomerang) · check the water: leaf records the first 10 years
the keeper (banks remix)
bonobo · black sands remixed
seven minutes of sun
various (lumo) · interior horizons
moment two
jhno · membrane
emerald longevity
various (fascade @ 137db) · northern faction 3
its up there
the field · looping state of mind
west bay
brian eno/rick holland · panic of looking
curve seven
various (solidaze) · link pins
temporary external
loka · passing place
flight 78
plug · back on time
anywhere anyone
dntl · life is full of possibilities
little expressionless animals
memoryhouse · the slideshow effect
fool around-
sissy · march of the humans
los angered
trailertrashtracys · ester
symphonia ix (my wait is u)
grimes · visions