Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 12, 2012

Broadcast on 12-Mar-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

cindytalk, the beans, b. friedmann/j. liebezeit, cindytalk, thomas jirku, nick cave/warren ellis, dj food, cindytalk,
a-mute, einsturzende neubauten, marsen jules, leonard cohen, swans, siouxsie and the banshees, j.o.m.f.,
building castles out of matchsticks, nick cave, swans, lakuna, dixie's death pool, leonard cohen, slowdive, johnny cash, feist, world club, grimes, trailertrashtracys, sissy & apparat

Track Listing:

the first time ever
cindytalk · wappinschaw
may 6th expires
various (the beans) · saturday morning empires
b. friedmann / j. liebezeit · secret rhythms iv
and now in sunshine
cindytalk · wappinschaw
various (thomas jirku) · saturday morning empires
martha's dream
nick cave / warren ellis · the proposition
the crow
dj food · kaleidoscope
a song of changes
cindytalk · wappinschaw
aux creux des vagues mon visage
various (amute) · saturday morning empires
der kuss
einstuerzende neuheiten · haus der luege
swans reflecting elephants
various (marsen jules) · pop ambient 2012
Going Home
Leonard Cohen · Old Ideas
inside madelaine
swans · my father will guide...
siouxsie and the banshees · peepshow
jomf · flags of the sacred harp
window pain will be our love song
building castles out of matchsticks · studios and airplanes
weeping song
nick cave · the good sun
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Swans · Love Will Tear Us Apart
lakuna · castle of crime
chuck will's widow
dixie's death pool · the man with the flowering hands
everybody knows
leonard cohen · best of...
ballad of sister sue
slowdive · just for a day
The Mercy Seat
Johnny Cash · American III: Solitary Man
a commotion
feist · metals
world swallower
world club · live-able via-bility
Grimes · Visions
turkish heights
trailertrashtracys · ester
sissy · march of the humans
sweet unrest
apparat · the devil's walk