Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 23, 2012

Broadcast on 23-Jan-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

:zoviet*france, rapoon, stars of the lid, pete namlook/burhan ocal, muslimgauze, ricardo villalobos/max loderbauer, gonjasufi, tim hoover, land, wave motion gun, pulseprogramming, gonjasufi, s*+kk//, tricky, naw, gonjasufi, dixie's death pool, brian eno/rick holland, myths, robag wruhme, trentemoller and trio

Track Listing:

the death of trees
;zoviet*france · shouting at the ground
waters reaching
rapoon · easterly 6 or 7
stars of the lid · music for nitrous oxide
yenlik part 2
pete namlook/burhan ocal · sultan
muslimgauze · intifaxa
retimeless/timeless (john abercrombie)
various (r villalobos/m loderbauer) · re:ecm
gonjasufi · a sufi and a killer
part 2: numbers
tim hoover · more napkins
land · s.t.
throwing star
various (wave motion gun) · beautiful noise...the apocalypse
pulseprogramming · s.t.
gonjasufi · the caliphs tea party
she dreams of isis
s*+kk// · glyphs of erebus sublime
tricky · knowle west boy
brittle sticks
naw · the resound of a foggy autumn dawn
she's gone
gonjasufi · the caliphs tea party
sky woman's directive
dixie's death pool · the man with the flowering hands
watch a single swallow in a thermal sky
brian eno/rick holland · panic of looking
the labyrinth
myths · s.t.
angel echoes (fourtet)
robag wruhme · wuppdeckmissmampflow
sycamore feeling
trentemoller · reworked/remixed
trio · s.t.
sunday you need love monday be alone
trio · trio and errror
los paul
trio · s.t.