Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 16, 2012

Broadcast on 16-Jan-2012

8:00am - 11:00am

domotic, thomas koner, gas, fennez, fluxion,
r. villalobos/m. loderbauer, beef terminal, tim hecker, illuha, b. eno/r. holland, modul, chris watson, tom spacey, naw, robin judge, moist, machinefabriek, skjolbrot, building castles out of matchsticks, talkdemonic, dixie's death pool, apparat & ferris wheel.

Track Listing:

smith, klaus and white
various (domotic) · seasonal greetings
part 5
thomas koner · permafrost
part 3
gas · nah und fern (konigsforst)
fennez · seven stars
bilateral motion
fluxion · vibrant forms 2
reannounce: l'imarfait des langues - Louis scalvis
r. villalobos/m. loderbauer · re ;ecm
forget you
beef terminal · 20 goto 10
careless whispers
tim hecker · radio amor
illuha · shizuku
panic of looking
b. eno/r. holland · panic of looking
the stair compass
tim hecker · radio amor
shift II
various (modul ) · a1.1
los mochis
chris watson · el train fantasma
passing secrets through the window
beef terminal · the isolationist
the ether pilot
various (tom spacey) · beatiful noise...the apocalypse
two am overcast
naw · the resound of a foggy autumn day
robin judge · pattern
crows within me
moist · temporary arrangements
machinefabriek · n.a.
idle fleet
skjolbrot · maersk
when winter is gone and spring comes....
building castles out of matchsticks · studios and airplanes
talkdemonic · ruins
a return to science fiction
dixie's death pool · the man with the flowering hands
the soft voices die
apparat · the devil's walk
dots and dreams
ferris wheel · un peu au nord et sans distortion