Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 19, 2011

Broadcast on 19-Dec-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

beans, do make say think, valley of the giants,
kc accidental, tetrezene, skjolbrot, loka,
dixie's death pool, sparrow orange,
hal willner/wayne horwitz/bill frisell/ robbie robertson, loka, hal willner/ken nordine/ringo starr,
do make say think, dj serpent one, grad theft audio,
brian eno/rick holland, biosphere, domotic, fennez, telefuzz & the field

Track Listing:

all suns
beans · 63:19
executioner's blues
do make say think · you you are a history in rust
claudia and klaus
valley of the giants · s.t.
tired hands
kc accidental · captured anthems...
in grainy black and white
tetrezene · what once was
idle fleet
skjolbrot · maersk
as the tower falls
loka · passing places
a bird is suddenly inside
dixie's death pool · the man with the flowering hands
an explicit explanation
various (sparrow orange) · beautiful noise...the apocalypse
canon: part 2
various (hal willner produced) · weird nightmare: meditations on mingus
the tower
loka · passing places
desloation theme/when you wish upon a star
various (ken nordine/ringo starr) · stay awake
terrain - last movement
various (dj serpent one) · beautiful noise...the apocalypse
i love you, lalala
various (do make say think) · beautiful noise...the apocalypse
love is here
grand theft audio · realms 1.0
panic of looking
brian eno/rick holland · panic of looking
biosphere · n-plants
smith, klaus & white
various (domotic) · seasonal greetings
fennez · seven stars
telefuzz · the financiers of samsara
sweet slow baby
the field · looping state of mind