Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 12, 2011

Broadcast on 12-Dec-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

gas, aphex twin, fluxion, b. fleischmann, psychic pollution, tim hecker, tar water, deadbeat, siskiyou, flying down/rise ashen, kate bush, brian eno/rick holland, beaten by them, fennez, s*+kk//, the field, animals on wheels, dixie's death pool, feist, apparat, dntl, pallers, atlas sound & tzadeka.

Track Listing:

part 2
gas · nah und fern (zauberberg)
aphex twin · selected ambient works 85-92
prospect 2
fluxion · vibrant forms II: chain reaction
a letter from home
b. fleischmann · welcome tourist
amb 3
psychic pollution · ppamb 00 & ppamb01
in the fog pt 1
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
seven of nine
tarwater · the needle was travelling
first quarter
deadbeat · drawn & quartered
Keep Away The Dead
Siskiyou · Keep Away The Dead
kakina nimig - the road ahead
flying down/rise ashen · one nation
50 words for snow
kate bush · 50 words for snow
the airman
brian eno /rick holland · drums between the bells
damp sky/rigours of madness
beaten by them · people start listening
seven stars
fennez · seven stars
hypnosyne (psonn)
s*+kk// · glyphs of erebus sublime
Is This Power
The Field · Looping State Of Mind
never in never out
animals on wheels · nuvol i cadera
a return to science fiction
dixie's death pool · the man with flowering hands
caught a long wind
feist · metals
the soft voices die
apparat · the devil's walk
anywhere anyone
dntl · life is full of possibilities
pallers · the sea of memories
Terra Incognita
Atlas Sound · Parallax
we are wolves
tzadeka · piece de resistence