Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 5, 2011

Broadcast on 05-Dec-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

hildegard westerkamp, stars of the lid, gas,
psychic pollution, loscil, rene hell, dntl,
dixie's death pool, thomas koner, s*+kk//,
brian eno/rick holland, the field, subtractive lad,
b. fleischmann, the dead texan, bvdub, biosphere,
national parks project/mishka, the do, memory house,
apparat, painted palms, world club, still corners &
the war on drugs.

Track Listing:

mother voice talk
various (hildegard westerkamp) · music works 111
stars of the lid · music for nitrous oxide
part 6
gas · nah und fern - konigsforst
ppamb01 pt 1
psychic pollution · ooamb 00 and ppamb 01
discrete entropy
loscil · triple point
quiet detail muse
rene hell · the terminal symphony
fear of corners
dntl · life is full of possibilities
a bird is suddenly inside
dixie's death pool · the man with flowering hands
nieve penitentes 1
thomas koner · teimo
she dreams of isis
s* + kk // · glyphs of erebus sublime
fierce aisles of light
brian eno / rick holland · drums between the bells
burned out
the field · looping state of mind
safety in numbers
subtractive lad · suture
static grate
b fleischmann · the humbucking coil
anywhere anyone
dntl · life is full of possibilities
la ballade d'alain georges
the dead texan · s.t.
make the pain go away
various (bvdub) · pop ambient 2011
biosphere · n-plants
kathleen lake
various (mishka stein et al.) · national parks project
dust it off
the do · both ways open jaws
to the lighthouse
memory house · the years
ash / black veil
apparat · the devil's walk
all of us
painted palms · canopy
world club · live-able via-bility
still corners · creatures of an hour
the war on drugs · slave ambient