Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 24, 2011

Broadcast on 24-Oct-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

aim low, tim hecker, yankee yankee, set fire to flames, bell orchstre, talk demonic, do make say think,
mitchell akiyama, controlled bleeding, thomas brinkmann, polmo polpo, apparat, pallers, austra, the field, gravenhurst, still corners, feist, portishead, world club, zola jesus & hess is more.

Track Listing:

aim low · foulards
in the fog - part 2
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
track 2
yankee yankee · empty room
wild dogs of the thunderbolt
set fire to flames · sings reign rebuilder
the upwards march
bell orchestre · s.t.
talkdemonic · ruins
a tender history in rust
do make say think · you, you are a history in rust
named after the chorus
mitchell akiyama · hope that lines don't cross
our journey's end - part 2
controlled bleeding · our journey's end
birth & death
thomas brinkmann · when horses die
dreaming (is real)
various (polmo polpo) · saturday morning empires
a bang in the void
apparat · the devil's walk
sound of silence
pallers · the sea of memories
rolls bayce
battles · gloss drop
lose it (planningtorock remix)
austra · sparkle
arpeggiated love
the field · looping state of mind
i found the f (broadcast)
various (gravenhurst) · warp 20 recreated
endless summer
still corners · creatures of an hour
a commotion
feist · metals
wandering star
portishead · dummy
world club · live-able via-bility
zola jesus · conatus
call for change
hess is more · creation keeps the devil away