Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 10, 2011

Broadcast on 10-Oct-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

biosphere, Tim Gerwing, ezekiel honig, zomby, ok... then a bunch of stuff for my daughter Kate (2.5 years old), gummy bear song, ladytron, betrand bergalat,architecture in helsinki, faze action (gainsbourg), dj dick (morricone), mambobit form Sonantes?, Bravofunken, herbert from I love Serge, dragons, planet smashers, dom salvador, stuff from samba soul 70 and Afround sounds of colombia vol 1, hugh montenegro, ultralougne stuff

Track Listing:

biosphere · n plants
ambient textures
tim gerwing · ekikatetsu
folding in out intself
Ezekiel Honig · folding in on itself
zomby · dedication
electronic music maps
tim gerwing · ekikatetsu
biosphere · n plants
spongebob square pants · ep
peanut butter jelly time
buckwheat boys · ep
hyper cultural
tim gerwing · ekikatetsu
don't turn around
gummy bear · ep
track 1
ladytron · gravity the seducer
sunshine yellow
bertrand bergalat · the sound of music
john maus · we mus become...
track 8
architecture in helsinki · fingers crossed
las bas cest natuerel
faze action · electronica gainsbourg
chris conner · sings gentle bossa nova
clan of sicilains
dj dick · morricone mixes
if looks could kill
mambobit · sonantes
couer rubik
bravofunken · couer rubik
bonnie and clyde
herbert · electronic gainsbourg
dragons · bfi
food for the soul
dragons · bfi
the hippo
planet smashers · descent into the valeey
track 3
dom salvador · samba soul 70
princess negro
bebto · samba soul 70
el abanico
wganda kenya · afro sonds of colombia vol 1
cumbia del sal
cumbia en moog · """"""
barato total
gal costa · samba soul 70
track 6
defenstrando · sonantes
jungle heat
hugh montenegro · man from uncle
fruko · afrosounds of colombia
mr ghost goes to town
john buzon trio · ultralounge