Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 26, 2011

Broadcast on 26-Sep-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

do make say think, collection of colonies of bees, rene hell, beans, yankee yankee, burro, brian eno/rick holland, thomas brinkmann, jomf, bitcrush, j. guthrie/s. harmer/s. roberts, burnt friedmann/jaki liebezeit, bhutan tiger rescue, subtractive lad, battles, architektur, alva nota/blixa bargeld, violent onsen geisha, family studies, zomby, haunted beard, jennifer castle, synthcake, austra & the luyas.

Track Listing:

do make say think · winter hymn, country hymn, secret hymn
collections of colonies of bees · giving
juliard op. 66
rene hell · the terminal symphony
all planets
beans · 63:19
track 1 (excerpt)
yankee yankee · empty room
eternal monolith
various (burro) · pixxx 2
the real
brian eno/rick holland · drums between the bells
2 suns
thomas brinkmann · when horses die
kansas city blues (excerpt)
jomf · america mystica
post (bersarin quartett rmx)
bitcrush · from arcs to embers
long house
various (j guthrie, s harmer, s roberts) · national parks project
burnt friedmann/jaki liebezeit · secret rhythms 4
beginner's waltz
various (bhutan tiger rescue) · pop ambient 2011
the sand and the stars
subtractive lad · no man's land
battles · gloss drop
the smoker (rmx)
architektur · travelogue
alva nota/blixa bargeld · mimikry
death mothership connection
various (violent onsen geisha) · noise forest
ophiuchus rising
family studies · torch of heuristics
riding with death
zomby · dedication
beyond infinity
haunted beard · video deathbed
Jennifer Castle · Castlemusic
house love ground
synthcake · musicophilia
Shoot the Water
Austra · Feel It Break
what mercy is
the luyas · too beautiful to work
straight and narrow path
tzadeka · piece de resistence