Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 19, 2011

Broadcast on 19-Sep-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

thomas koner, rene hell, exekiel honig,
burnt friedmann/jaki liebezeit, io, tim gerwing,
philip jeck, biosphere, deepchord, contact, deadbeat,
brian eno/rick holland, the caretaker, architektur,
alvo nota/blixa bargeld, jumpel, ensemble, federico aubele, panda bear, pure-x, myths, family studies, austra & synthcake.

Track Listing:

part 4
thomas koner · permafrost
part 1
thomas koner · nunatuk
lighthouse marvel
rene hell · the terminal symphony
burnt friedmann/jaki liebezeit · secret rhythms 4
parts 3 & 4
io · flamenco abstractions
tim gerwing · n.a.
philip jeck · an ark for the listener
biosphere · n-plants
her bones will rise again
io · mbira abstractions
deepchord · hash-bar loops
stones under water
contact · under currents: the music of jordan nobles
fourth quarter
deadbeat · drawn & quartered
a title
brian eno/rick holland · drums between the bells
moments of sufficient lucidity
the caretaker · an empty bliss beyond this world
u r my broadway boogie woogie man
tim gerwing · chikatetsu
architektur · travelogue
katze (w. veruschka)
alva nota/blixa bargeld · mimikry
jumpel · europa
valse des objets trouve
ensemble · excerpts
federico aubele · berlin 13
slow motion
panda bear · tom boy
pure-x · pleasure
the labyrinth
myths · s.t.
vulgar, loud...kind of an idiot
family studies · torch of heuristics
the choke
austra · feel it break
twisted music box
synthcake · musicophilia