Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 12, 2011

Broadcast on 12-Sep-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

b friedmann/j liebezeit, steve reich, laurie anderson, grand theft audio, popol vuh, depatterning, biosphere, rene hell, architektur, dead beat, alva nota/blixa bargeld, gray, kreidler, ezekiel honig, to rococo rot, brian eno/rick holland, the real tuesday weld, myths, family studies, zomby, pallers, austra, pure-x, raleigh & bibio.

Track Listing:

part 6- 120-5
burnt friedmann/jaki liebezeit · sectret rhythms 4
wtc 9/11 - II
steve reich · wtc 9/11
tight rope
laurie anderson · bright red/tight rope
grand theft audio · realms 1.0
garten pharaos (m von oswald trio)
popol vuh · revisited & remixed
the gould frequency/a slow adventure
depatterning · the forestry lessons ep
biosphere · n-plants
detuned clarinet
rene hell · the terminal symphony
the smoker
architektur · travelogue
plateau quarter
deadbeat · drawn & quartered
alva nota/blixa bargeld · mimikry
drum mode
gray · shades of gray
evil love
kreidler · tank
between bridges
ezekiel honig · folding in on itself
to rococo rot · speculation
the mysterious ashley bickerson
gray · shades of gray
brian eno/rick holland · drums between the bells
time of the month
the real tuesday weld · the last werewolf
love lust money
the real tuesday weld · the last werewolf
the ghosts
the real tuesday weld · the last werewolf
The Horizon
Myths · Myths
ophiuchus rising
family studies · torch of heuristics
natalia's song
zomby · dedication
pallers · the sea of memories
The Future
Austra · Feel It Break
dream over
pure-x · pleasure