Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 29, 2011

Broadcast on 29-Aug-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

thomas koener, biosphere, deadbeat, burnt friedmann/jaki liebezeit, architektur, popol vuh, rene hell, tim geriwing, mountains, deepchord, brian eno, zomby, aim low, haunted beard, family studies, the alps, myths, country & western, burro, austra & pure x

Track Listing:

part 2
thomas koener · teimo
biosphere · n-plant
second quarter
deadbeat · drawn and quartered
burnt friedmann / jaki liebezeit · secret rhythms 4
danube shuffle
architektur · travelogue
nachts schnee (cobra verde)
popol vuh (mika vaimio) · revisited & remixed
e.s. des grauens in fifths
rene hell · terminal symphony
tim geriwing · chikatetsu
mountains · air museum
black cavendish
deepchord · hash bar loops
the airmen
brian eno/rick holland · drums between the bells
natalia's song
zomby · dedication
aim low · foulards
hosiana mantra
popol vuh (stereolab) · revisited and remixed
total wolf
haunted beard · video deathbed
family studies · torch of heuristics
the horizon
myths · myth
breeze and ease
various (country and western) · pixxx2
eternal monolith
various (burro) · pixxx2
the choke
austra · feel it break
pure x · pleasure