Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 22, 2011

Broadcast on 22-Aug-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

tim gerwing, wagon christ, brian eno + rick holland, arc lab, brian eno (shutov assembly); lots more tim gerwing, brian eno with Peter J. Schwarm, biosphere N-Plant, Tarwater, nils petter molvaar, it's Karlheintz Stockhausen's birthday, stereolab, stars, high llamas, young galaxy, the sqaure waves, blue sky black death, micromars, architecture in helsinki, five alarm funk (from whiterock!),

Track Listing:

ambient textures
tim gerwing · ichikatetsu
mr mukatssuko
wagonchrist · toomorrow
electronic music maps
tim gerwing · chekatetsu
glitch/ dreambirds
brian eno/ rock holland · drumes between the bells
wagon christ · toomorrow
hyper culture
tim gerwing · chekatetsu
fujiya and Miyaci · ventroliquizzing
give it a rest
arc lab · the nineteen floors
tim gerwing · chikatetsu
sendai - I
boisphere · N plants
brian eno · shutov assembly
shika 1
biosphere · N Plants
rising dust
brian eno / peter j Schwam · drawn from life
fractal audio perspectives
tim gerwing · chikatetsu
seedpods/ dow
brian eno/ rick holland · drums between the bells
tim gerwing · drums between the bells
at low frequency
tarwater · animals suns and atoms
nils petter mulvaar · khmer
track 13 (instr)
stereolab · no music
come and play
stereolab · cobra and phases
the last song ever written
stars · five ghosts
cut the dummies loose
high llamas · snowbug
oh sister
the young galaxay · invisible republic
all that's left
the square waves · amplified landscapes
carl sagan
blu sky black death · s/t
micromars · shado electro
the square waves · amplified landscapes
Architecture in Helsinki · Moment Bends
zenith escalator
five alarm funk · anything is possible