Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 15, 2011

Broadcast on 15-Aug-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

bill laswell, biosphere, io, mo boma, moritz von oswald trio, tim geriwing, adham shaikh/uwe neumann, architektur, soma, eskmo, philip jeck, tzadeka, battles, kreidler, bitcrush, brian eno/rick holland, seefeel, austra, pulseprogramming, the luyas, panda bear, amon tobin, bibio & kellarissa

Track Listing:

bill laswell · sacred system: chaptre two
biosphere · n-plants
people are people because of people
io · mbira abstractions
ituri spaceman
mo boma · jijimuge
structure 3
moritz von oswald trio · horizontal structures
tim geriwing · chikatetsu
adham shaikh/uwe neumann · jadur madur: dreamtree project
desperate images
architektur · travelogue
amphibious premonitions bureau
soma · stygian vistas
eskmo · st
chime chime (rehung)
philip jeck · an ark for the listener
possession melody
tzadeka · piece de resistence
Battles · Gloss Drop
gas giants
kreidler · tank
of embers (port-royal rmx)
bitcrush · from arcs to embers
sounds alien
brian eno/rick holland · drums between the bells
dead guitars
seefeel · s.t.
Lose It
Austra · Feel It Break
battles · mirrored
within the orderly life
pulseprogramming · tulsa for one second
spherical matress
the luyas · too beautiful to work
slow motion
panda bear · tom boy
kitty cat
amon tobin · isam
artist's valley
bibio · mind bokeh
kellarissa · moon of neptune
Get Some
Lykke Li · Wounded Rhymes