Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 8, 2011

Broadcast on 08-Aug-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

biosphere, brian eno/rick holland, philip jeck, laurie anderson, scanner, biosphere, tim hecker, thomas brinkmann, deadbeat, michael brook, tim geriwing, kirk lake, architektur, tzadeka, emily wells, pulseprogramming, ellen allien/apparat, battles, austra, amon tobin, unklink, ensemble, braids, grasscut, unkle w. nick cave, trentemoller & the luyas.

Track Listing:

biosphere · n-plants
the airman
brian eno / rick holland · drums between the bells
the pilot (amoung our shoals)
philip jeck · an ark for the listener
the ugly one with the jewels
laurie anderson · the ugly one with the jewels
broken faultline
scanner · rockets unto the edges of edges
biosphere · patashnik
brian eno / rick holland · drums between the bells
in the fog pt 1
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
thomas brinkmann · when horses die...
deadbeat · something borrowed, something blue
skip wave
michael brook · cobalt blue
gate: inner listener
tim geriwing · chikatetsu
dementia pugilistica
various (kirk lake) · coffee table music
architektur · travelogue
we are wolves
tzadeka · piece de resistence
emily wells · dirty
within the orderly life
pulseprogramming · tulsa for one second
ellen allien/apparat · orchestra of bubbles
wall street
battles · gloss drop
Darken Her Horse
Austra · Feel It Break
amon tobin · isam
jimmy b
various (unklnik) · barefeat presents
Before Night
ensemble · Excerpts
braids · native speaker
grassscut · 1 inch: 1/mile
money & run
unkle (w. nick cave) · only the lonely
the mash and the fury
trentemoller · into the great wide yonder
Tiny Head
The Luyas · Too Beautiful to Work