Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 25, 2011

Broadcast on 25-Jul-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

kraftwerk, mountains, mc 900ft jesus, kruder and dorfmeister, k.c. accidental, to rococo rot, ellen allien/apparat, federico aubele, the field, architektur, lcd soundsystem, humans, tim geriwing, wizerdz, siouxsie and the banshees, pulseprogramming, austra, sugarcubes, organ, blue hawaii, my friend wallis, heidi berry, iggy pop, doldrums, the natural yogurt band, braids, the luyas, panda bear & young galaxy

Track Listing:

europe endless
kraftwerk · trans europe express
Mountains · Air Museum
dancing barefoot
mc 900ft jesus · welcome to my dream
kruder & dorfmeister (rainer truby trio) · k & d sessions
is and of the
kc accidental · anthems for the...
place it
to rococo rot · speculation
do not break
ellen allien/apparat · orchestra of bubbles
federico aubele · berlin 13
the little heart beats so fast
the field · from here we go sublime
desperate images
architektur · travelogue
get innocuous
lcd soundsystem · london sessions
humans · n.a.
terminus: station to station
tim geriwing · chikatetsu
Aim for the Ground and Miss
dear prudence
siouxsie and the banshees · through the looking glass
off to do showery snapshots
pulseprogramming · tulsa for one second
Lose It
Austra · Feel It Break
sugarcubes · here today, tomorrow, next week
steven smith
organ · grab that gun
blue gowns
blue hawaii · blooming summer
sky horse
my friend wallis · on hawaiian time
up in the air
heidi berry · love
we have all the time in the world
various (iggy pop/david arnold) · shaken and stirred
various (doldrums) · musicworks 110
tweed suit
the natural yogurt band · tuck in with...
Braids · Native Speaker
too beautiful to work
the luyas · too beautiful to work
slow motion
panda bear · tom boy
Cover Your Tracks
Young Galaxy · Shapeshifting