Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 18, 2011

Broadcast on 18-Jul-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

suns of arqa, io, adham shaikh/uwe neumann, bill laswell, adham shaihk, the alps, dead beat, brian eno, architektur, kreidler, philip jeck, max richter, deaf center, mathieu charbonneau, braids, emily wells, chad benchetrit, grimes, buck 65, ensemble, imaginary cities & doldrums

Track Listing:

suns of arqa · know thyself
we will see
io · mbira abstractions
sansa dreams
adham shaikh/uwe neumann · jadur madur-dreamtree project
bill laswell · sacred system: chapter two
zero g
adham shaikh · journey to the sun
black mountain
the alps · le voyage
steady as a rock
dead beat · something borrowed, something blue
Brian Eno · Small Craft On A Milk Sea
the smoker (rmix)
architektur · travelogue
kremlin rules
kreidler · tank
chime, chime (rehung)
philip jeck · an ark for the listener
infra 1
max richter · infra
deaf center · owl splinters
height of land (prince albert national park)
various (mathieu charbonneau) · national parks project
little hand
braids · native speaker
symphony six: fair thee well
emily wells · the symphonies
mystic morning (kouchibouguac)
various (chad benchetrit) · national parks project
crystal ball
various (grimes) · musicworks 110
drawing curtains
buck 65 · secret house against the world
Envies d'Avalanches
ensemble · Excerpts
emily wells · dirty
Imaginary Cities · Temporary Resident
parrot talk
various (doldrums) · musicworks 110
various (my friend wallis) · citr pop alliance volume 2