Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 13, 2011

Broadcast on 13-Jun-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

moritz von oswald trio, deaf centre, tim hecker, eat static, mark pritchard/black dog productions, bibio/boards of canada, jasper tx, rafael anton irisarri, dalot, mountains, frivolous, robin judge, mere mortals, federico aubele, neon tetra, freeworm, the natural yogurt band, legion of green men, ensemble, stereolab, the luyas, sinewave & black star liner.

Track Listing:

structure 4
moritz von oswald trio · horizontal structures
hunted twice
deaf center · owl splinters
no drums
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
the third nebula
various (eat static) · devil in the detail
3/4 heart (black dog productions)
various (mark pritchard) · warp20 (recreated)
kaini industries (boards of canada)
various (bibio) · warp20 (recreated)
various (jasper tx) · the reconstruction of fives
a storm tore this house
various (rafael anton irisarri) · the reconstruction of fives
various (dalot) · the reconstruction of fives
Mountains · Air Museum
red tide
frivolous · meteorolgy
Robin Judge · Pattern
mere mortals · ethnic dub simmphony in ten parts
in your name
federico aubele · berlin 13
mooses and ducks
neon tetra · home
various (freeworm) · infinessence
pot head
the natural yogurt band · tuck in with...
beyond the borderless
various (legion of green men) · interior horizons
ensemble · excerpts
stereolab · not music
too beautiful to work
the luyas · too beautiful to work
Todd's Journey Into Temporal Space
Sinewave · Unity Gain
various (black star liner) · interior horizons