Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 16, 2011

Broadcast on 16-May-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

loscil, tim hecker, maountains, architect, worriedaboutsatan, explosions in the sky, hauschka, tim gerwing, crato, to rococo rot, jumpel, federico aubele, panda bear, little girls, young galaxy, braids, atlas sound, neon indian, the luyas, my friend wallis & bibio

Track Listing:

first narrows
loscil · first narrows
where shadows make shadows
tim hecker · imaginary landscapes
analog paralysis, 1978
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
blue lanterns on east
mountains · air museum
blood tracer
various (architect) · reconstruction of fives
63 (she was trying to sleep...)
various (worriedaboutsatan) · reconstruction of fives
let me back in
explosions in the sky · take care, take care, take care
early in the park
hauschka · foreign landscapes
hauschka · salon des amateurs
terminus: station to station
tim gerwing · chikatetsu
various (crato) · pop ambient 2011
working against time
to rococo rot · speculation
jumpel · europa
federico aubele · berlin 13
Panda Bear · Person Pitch
slow motion
panda bear · tom boy
untitled #9
panda bear · young player
Salt Swimmers
Little Girls · Concepts
surfers hymn
panda bear · tom boy
we have everything
young galaxy · shapeshifting
car1: agent
tim gerwing · chikatesu
Plath Heart
Braids · Native Speaker
atlas sound · logos
Mind, Drips
Neon Indian · Psychic Chasms
Tiny Head
The Luyas · Too Beautiful to Work
various (my friend wallis) · citr pop alliance vol 2