Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 9, 2011

Broadcast on 09-May-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

leyland kirby, indignant senility, tim hecker, flanger, the real tuesday weld, josh furey, moby, federico abele, hauschka, burial, the verbrilli sound, jennifer castle, isolee, seefeel, dead beat, b. fleischmann, ensemble, kabanjak, grasscut, unkle, the ravonettes & cloudland canyon

Track Listing:

when we parted my heart wanted to die pt 4
leyland kirby · sadly the future is no longer what it was
part II
indignant senility · plays wagner
hatred of music
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
memories live longer than dreams pt 5
leyland kirby · sadly the future is no longer what it was
funeral march
flanger · spirituals
i love the rain
the real tuesday weld · the return of the clerkenwell kid
the day before you came
the real tuesday weld · n.a.
po' girl · follow your bliss
the ugly and the beautiful
the real tuesday weld · i lucifer
sac actun submerged
josh furey · archeology
flanger · spirituals
Cloud Cuckooland
The Real Tuesday Weld · The London Book of the Dead
sweet apocalypse
moby · last night
no one
federico aubele · berlin 13
hauschka · salon des amateurs
etched headplate
burial · untrue
fin d'amor
various (the verbrilli sound) · deepdown tempos
bobby raindrop
pete samples · bekonscot
jennifer castle · castlemusic
going nowhere
isolee · well spent youth
seefeel · s.t.
xberg ghosts
deadbeat · roots and wire
static grate
b fleischmann · the humbucking coil
valse des objets trouves
ensemble · excerpts
the man who spoke flames
kabanjak · tree of mystery
grasscut · 1 inch: 1/2 mile
sunday song
unkle · only the lonely
bohemian rhapsody in blue
federico aubele · berlin 13
evil seeds
the ravonettes · raven in the grave
hope sounds dry
cloudlland canyon · fin eaves