Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 2, 2011

Broadcast on 02-May-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

subtractive lad, tim hecker, dalot, dryft, brian eno, jackie o motherfucker, jumpel, thomas brinkmann, federico aubele, hauschka, jennifer castle, seefeel, wolfgang voigt, pete samples, eric chenaux, exene cervenka, timber timbre, ensemble, ravonettes, sisikiyou, braids & k.c. accidental

Track Listing:

hesperous is phospherous
subtractive lad · kindred
in the fog pt I
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
in the fog pt II
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
in the fog pt III
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
dalot · loop over latitudes
vapours and waste
dryft · ventricle
emerald and lime
brian eno · small craft on a milk sea
raga joining
jomf · earth sound system
jumpel · europa
it's just
thomas brinkmann · when horses die..
el miedo
federico aubele · berlin 13
hauschka · salon des amateurs
jomf · flags of the sacred harp
in the willows
jomf · earth sound system
jennifer castle · castle music
seefeel · s.t.
zither und horn
various (wolfgang voigt) · pop ambient 2010
pete samples · bekonscot
eric chenaux · warm weather with ryan driver
alone in arizona
exene cervenka · the excitement of maybe
creep on creepin' on
timber timbre · creep on creepin' on
en attendant l'orage
ensemble · excerpts
the ravonettes · raven in the grave
hold it in
sisikiyou · s.t.
little hands
braids · native speaker
them (pop song #3333)
kc accidental · anthems for the could have been pills