Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 11, 2011

Broadcast on 11-Apr-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

subtractive lad, tim hecker, aidan baker, tim Hecker w. aidan baker, seefeel, demdike stare, to rococo rot, wolfgang voigt, bibio, ensemble, memphis, lykki li, stereolab, braids, blue hawaii, the luyas, grasscut, exene cervenka, pj harvey, kellarissa, buck 65 w. jenn grant, cloudland canyon, stars & broken social scene.

Track Listing:

what you see
subtractive lad · kindred
analog paralysis
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
liminoid 4
aidan baker · miminoid/lifeforms
the star compass
tim hecker · radio amor
fantasma parastasie
tim hecker/aidan baker · fantasma parastasie
in the air pt 2
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
the work of art in the age of cultural overproduction
tim hecker · haunt me, haunt me do it again
the return of sam snead
tim hecker · my love is rotten to the core
whitecaps of white noise II
tim hecker · harmony in ultraviolet
dead guitars
seefeel · s.t.
desert ascetic
demdike stare · tryptych
to rococo rot · speculation
zither and horn
various (wolfgang voigt) · pop ambient 2010
kaini industries (boards of canada)
various (bibio) · warp20 (recreated)
ensemble · excerpts
five loops
memphis · here comes a city
lykke li · wounded rhymes
Two Finger Symphony
Stereolab · Not Music
braids · native tongue
Blue Hawaii · Blooming Summer
les saisons viennent
ensemble · excerpts
Tiny Head
The Luyas · Too Beautiful to Work
grasscut · 1 inch: 1/2 mile
i wish it would stop raining
exene cervenka · the excitement of maybe
the glorious land
pj harvey · let england shake
kellarissa · moon of neptune
who by fire
buck 65 (jenn grant) · 20 odd years
pink like / version
cloudland canyon · fin eaves
dead hearts
stars · the five ghosts
meet me in the basement
broken social scene · forgiveness rock record