Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 4, 2011

Broadcast on 04-Apr-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

IO, dj spooky/scanner, dj spooky, tim hecker, david shea, kid koala/martin tetreault, headphone science, maze guider, meat beat manifesto, kid koala, dj spooky/jungle brothers, no luck club...

Track Listing:

electro acoustic
io · electro acoustic
io · n.a.
dj spooky/scanner · the quick and the dead
variation cybernetique
dj spooky · optometry
in the fog pt II
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
object unknown
dj spooky · riddim warfare
the field/sol/lullian wheels
david shea · the art of memory
kid koala/martin tetreault · phon-o-victo
peace in zaire
dj spooky · riddim warfare
we remain faded
headphone science · we remain faded
nommos ascending
dj spooky · celestial mechanix
theme for great escapes
maze guider · battle songs for babylon
meat beat manifesto · at the centre
fender bender
kid koala · carpal tunnel syndrome
where i'm at
dj spooky (jungle brothers) · the secret song
mini docum
dj spooky · artisode - terra nova
asphalt (tome II)
dj spooky · optometry
in the fog pt III
tim hecker · ravedeath, 1972
beatnik communism
no luck club · happiness
the water margin
meat beat manifesto · at the centre
ibid, desmarches
dj spooky · optometry
radio nufonia
kid koala · some of my best friends are djs
dazed and confused dub
dj spooky · the secret song