Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 21, 2011

Broadcast on 21-Mar-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

leyland kirby, bohren und der club of gore, bad sector, deadbeat, jumpel, subtractive lad, boards of canada, seefeel, jurgen paape, the hylozoists, sinewave, demdike stare, miwon, bhutan tiger rescue, beats on canvas, battles, to rococo rot, underworld, plaid, 2562, braids, cloudland canyon, stereolab, quadra & pete samples

Track Listing:

memories live longer than dreams pt 6
leyland kirby · sadly the future is no longer what its was
midnight walker
bohren und der club of gore · sunset mission
some gods
bad sector · ampos
sun people
deadbeat · roots and wire
jumpel · europa
hesperous is phospherous
subtractive lad · kindred
amo bishop roden
various (boards of canada) · warp20 (chosen)
seefeel · s.t.
various (jurgen paape) · pop ambient 2010
parisian eyes
the hylozoists · la nouvelle gauche
A Ton of Automatons
Sinewave · Unity Gain
(voices of dust) viento de levante
demdike stare · tryptych
various (miwon) · the reconstruction of fives
beginner's waltz
various (bhutan tiger rescue) · pop ambient 2011
bwa kayminian
beats on canvas · s.t.
race: out
various (battles) · warp20 (chosen)
place it
to rococo rot · speculation
moon in water
underworld · barking
sam lac run
various (plaid) · warp20 (unheard)
2562 · unbalance
little hand
braids · native speaker
yellow echoezs
cloudland canyon · fin eaves
sun demon
stereolab · not music
century man
quadra · based on a true story