Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 14, 2011

Broadcast on 14-Mar-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

mark pritchard, brock van wey, elodie lauten, depatterning, mira calix, seefeel, demdike stare, anbb alva ntot/blixa bargeld, braids, p.j. harvey, colin stetson, k.c. accidental, gravenhurst, subtractive lad, wolfgang voigt, boards of canada, stereolab, fascade @ 137db, royksopp, pete samples & dalot

Track Listing:

3/4 heart (black dog productions)
various (mark pritchard) · warp20 - recreated
will you know where to find me
various (brock van wey/bvdub) · pop ambient 2010
tronik involutions - retreat
various (elodie lauten) · musicworks 107
forestry lesson 2 - a slow adventure
depatterning · the forestry lessons
in a beautiful place out in the country (boards of canada)
various (mira calix/oliver coates) · warp20 - recreated
seefeel · s.t.
of decay & shadows
demdike stare · tryptych - voices of dust
various (anbb alva noto/blixa bargeld) · pop ambient 2011
glass dears
braids · native speaker
Let England Shake
PJ Harvey · Let England Shake
fear of the unkown and the blazing sun
colin stetson · new history of warfare vol 2 - judges
ruined in 84
k.c. accidental · anthems for the could have been pills
i found the f (broadcast)
various (gravenhurst) · warp20 - recreated
dead guitars
seefeel · s.t.
what you see
subtractive lad · kindred
zither und horn
various (wolfgang voigt) · pop ambient 2011
seven forty seven
various (boards of canada) · warp20 - unheard
silver sands
stereolab · not music
get off
fascade @ 137 db · character of the moment
forsaken cowboy
royksopp · senior
all the buildings
pete samples · bekonscot
various (dalot) · the reconstruction of fives
standing upon the shoulders of giants
pete samples · yours makes mine