Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 21, 2011

Broadcast on 21-Feb-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

subtractive lad, k.c. accidental, rafael anton irisarri, millimetrik, jumpel, laurent garnier, black star liner, the alps, four tet, arc-lab, dalot, fascade @ 137db, club des belugas, to rococo rot, the verbrilli sound, nightmares on wax, pepe deluxe, bentley rhythm ace, legion of green men, buck 65, jerome miniere, mathew dear, kabanjak, grasscut, stereolab & braids

Track Listing:

subtractive lad · kindred
tired hands
k.c. accidental · captured anthems...
a storm tore this house
various (rafael anton irisarri) · the reconstruction of fives
les artefacts du future
millimetrik · the northwest passage's new era
jumpel · europa
man with the red face
laurent garnier · unreasonable behaviour
various (black star liner) · interior horizons
the alps · le voyage
love cry (banton remix)
four tet · angel echoes + remixes
arc-lab · the nineteen floors
infinite window
dalot · loop over latitudes
carbon calls 211
fascade @ 137 db · character of the moment
sisi tartar
club des belugas · caviar at 3 am
no way to prepare
to rococo rot · speculation
levee breaks
various (the verbrilli sound) · deepdown tempos
les nuits
nightmares on wax · carboot soul
la femme
pepe deluxe · super sound
bentley's gonna sort you out
bentley rhythm ace · s.t.
beyond the borderless
various (legion of green men) · interior horizons
tears of your heart
buck 65 · 20 odd years
un commencement de rage
jerome miniere · nuit eclaire le jour qui suit
you put a small on me
mathew dear · black city
high priest
kabanjak · tree of mystery
grasscut · 1 inch : 1/2 mile
so is cardboard clouds
stereolab · not music
Plath Heart
Braids · Native Speaker
hope sounds dry
cloudland canyon · fin eaves