Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 7, 2011

Broadcast on 07-Feb-2011

8:00am - 11:00am

subtractive lad, architect, jumpel, eskmo, kallikak family, brian eno, dalot, four tet, dryft, to rococo rot, dj food, john barry, leroy holmes, rolfe kent, narcoleptics, natcha atlas, the inner thumb, david carbonara, portishead, sinewave, elsiane, e.d. swankz & stereolab.

Track Listing:

hesperus is phosphorus
subtractive lad · kindred
blood tracer
various (architect) · the reconstruction of fives
jumpel · europa
we have invisible friends
eskmo · s.t.
organ tuning / surgery
kallikak family · may 23rd 2007
Brian Eno · Small Craft On A Milk Sea
eskmo · s.t.
view from a hill
dalot · loop over latitudes
angel echoes (caribou remix)
fourtet · angel echoes + remixes
to rococo rot · speculation
dryft · ventricle
the crow
dj food · kaleidoscope
we have all the time in the world
john barry · on her majesty's secret service
the persuaders
john barry · best of john barry: themeology
main theme
john barry · on her majesty's secret service
walk don't run
john barry · best of john barry: themeology
search for vulcan
various (leroy holmes) · the crime scene
diamonds are forever
john barry · the best of james bond
born free
john barry · best of john barry: themeology
dexter: main theme
rolfe kent · Dexter: original soundtrack
high over glenelg
various (narcoleptics) · coffee table music
from russia with love
various (j barry / natcha atlas) · shaken and stirred
citroens 'n sitars
various (the inner thumb) · babies in space
mad men suite/babylon
various (david carbonara) · mad men: music from the series
inspector jay from dehli
various · bombay the hard way
theme to kill a dead man
portishead · glory times
third density blues
sinewave · unity gain
elsiane · hybrid
slumming with montalban
various (e.d. swankz) · deepdown tempos
into the sake
various (e.d. swankz) · headlands
everybody is weird except me
Stereolab · Not Music