Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 3, 2011

Broadcast on 03-Jan-2011

9:00am - 11:00am

valley of the giants, the caretaker, do make say think, kilimajaro darkjazz ensemble, bell orchestre, thomas brinkmann, k.c. accidental, klimek, buck 65, brian eno, piekoz, depatterning, dalot & to rococo rot.

Track Listing:

whaling tale
valley of the giants · s.t.
part 13
the caretaker · we'll all go riding on a rainbow
do make say think · other truths
kilimajaro darkjazz ensemble · here be dragons
the upwards march
bell orchestre
when horses die...
thomas brinkmann · when horses die...
them (pop song #3333)
k.c accidental · anthems for the could have been pills
tears of happiness (dismissed into mundanity)
klimek · movies is magic...
who by fire
buck 65 · 20 odd years...
slow ice, old moon
brian eno · small craft on a milk sea
the rabbit
piekoz · from photograph the rabbit making rust
corner store, corner store
depatterning · the liminal farm ep
various (dalot) · the reconstruction of fives
to rococo rot · speculation