Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 6, 2010

Broadcast on 06-Dec-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

bohren & der club of gore, machinefabriek, cristal, loscil, nadine byrne, k.c. accidental, worriedaboutsatan, bad sector, thomas brinkmann, brian eno, dalot, architect, cindytalk, the books, laurie anderson, microbunny, mathew dear, tricky, portishead, trentemoller, unkle, blue hawaii & to rococo rot.

Track Listing:

dead end angels
bohren und der club of gore · sunset mission
machinefabriek · weleer
cristal · homegoing
fern & robin
loscil · endless falls
kate & margaret
various (nadine byrne) · musicworks 108
is and of the
k.c. accidental · captured anthems...
various (worriedaboutsatan) · the reconstruction of fives
bad sector · ampos
thomas brinkmann · when horses die...
calcium needles
brian eno · small craft on a milk sea
infinite window
dalot · loop over latitudes
something for chicago
k.c. accidental · captured anthems...
blood traces
various (the architect) · the reconstruction of five's
in this world
cindytalk · in this world
i didn't know that
the books · the way out
Dark Time In the Revolution
Laurie Anderson · homeland
blue september blues
microbunny · 49 swans
you put a smell on me
mathew dear · black city
murder weapon
tricky · mixed race
portishead · third
the mash & the fury
trentemoller · into the great wide yonder
Follow Me Down
UNKLE · Where did The Night Fall
blue hawaii · blooming summer
to rococo rot · speculation