Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 8, 2010

Broadcast on 08-Nov-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

building castles out of matchsticks, philip jeck, indignant senility, pye corner audio transcription service, coin gutter, depatterning, the caretaker, loscil, daniel leduc, a:11-the corporati, colleen, rene hell, machinefabriek, tim hecker, m.c. maguire, labradford, cindytalk, winks, blue hawaii, cloudland canyon & the alps

Track Listing:

my being is composed of the atoms of the gods
building castles out of matchsticks · secret doctrine
spirits up
philip jeck · surf
untitled 4
indignant senility · ...plays wagner
electronic rhythm # 8
pye corner audio transcription services · black mill tapes volume 1: avant shards
coin gutter · all your dreams are meaningless
depatterning · lost canada research: method four
garden of weeds
the caretaker · selected memories from the haunted ballroom
loscil · stases
die winterreise parts 1 to 9
daniel leduc · la voyage en hiver
lilting tenderness
a:11 the corporati · mind you hum
everyone alive wants answers
Colleen · Everyone alive wants answers
c.g. mask
rene hell · porcelain opera
machinefabriek · wheleer
sea of pulses
tim hecker · an imaginary country
after the paradigm shift...
m.c. maguire · back engineered cloned hoola hoop
c. of people
labradford · prazision lp
cindytalk · wappinschaw
window pain will be our love song
building castles out of matchsticks · studios and airplanes
wildlife of the desert
winks · n.a.
lonely hearts
blue hawaii · blooming summer
mothlight part 1
cloudland canyon · fin eaves
crossing the sands
the alps · le voyage