Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 18, 2010

Broadcast on 18-Oct-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

indignant senility, on/fennez, cristal, nils petter molvaer, robin judge, to rococo rot, dryft, loscil, midi brotherhood, kammerflimmer kollektief, drift, equanim, quadra, dalot, rene hell, the alps, jon hassell, heiki, mathew dear, natural yogurt band, humans, trentemoller, mice parade, blue hawaii & cloudland canyon

Track Listing:

part 10
indignant senility · ...palys wagner
a tardy admission that the crisis is serious
on / fennez · on
dead birds
cristal · homegoing
khmer 4
nils petter molvaer · khmer remixes
robin judge · patern
place it
to rococo rot · speculation
dryft · ventricle
showers of ink
loscil · endless falls
the super self
various (midi brotherhood) · pacific rhythm
move right in
kammerflimmer kollektief · wildling
various (drift) · interior horizons
still hope
equanim · instrumental language
quadra · based on a true story
above the rooftops
dalot · loop over latitudes
razor p
rene hell · prcelain opera
crossing the sands
the alps · le voyage
light on water
jon hassel · last night the moon...
profit over people
heiki · paper + sound
mathew dear · black city
natural yogurt band · away with melancholy
mon ton ton II
humans · s.t.
trentemoller · into the greta wide yonder
mallo cup
mice parade · what it means to be left handed
Blue Hawaii · Blooming Summer
pin like version
cloudland canyon · fin eaves