Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 11, 2010

Broadcast on 11-Oct-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

talking heads, JOM, daniel lanois, to rococo rot, caribou, pantha du prince, electroluminescent, heiki, dryft, dalot, ent, (in other words, lots of stuff from the n5MD label), fourtet, tosca, blue hawaii, arcade fire, maybe some Apples in Stereo

Track Listing:

road to nowhere
talking heads · little creatures
nice one
jackie o-motherfucker · flags of the sacred harp
hey man
spacemen 3 · sound of confusion
amazing grace
daniel lanois · acadie
the great curve
talking heads · remain in light
to rococo rot · speculation
caribou · swim
behind the stars
pantha du prince · black noise
electroluminescent · oban
sound testa
heiki · paper + sound
dryft · ventricle
dryft · """
great lakes
heiki · paper plus sound
dryft · ventricle
atal and rene
electroluminescent · oban
mrked velotin
dryft · ventricle
the breaking of branches
elecroluminescentr · oban
solitary, vacant
dalot · loop over latitudes
no tone
ent · welcome stranger
dalot · loop over latitudes
angel echoes
fourtet · angel chaos plus remixes
late monday
another electronic musician · states of space
my first
tosca · no hassle
blue hawaii · blooming summer
track 11
arcade fire · the suburbs
dream about the future
apples in stereo · travellers in space and time