Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 4, 2010

Broadcast on 04-Oct-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

on/fennez, inignant senility, loscil, tatsuya nakatani, subtractive lad, depatterning, dalot, to rococo rot, seven saturdays, gray, electroluminescent, millimetrik, heiki, dryft, microbunny, port-royal, john barry, spanova, skalpel, ian simmonds, fond of tigers, mathew dear & dosh.

Track Listing:

the sound of white
on / fennez · something that has form...
part 2
indignant senility · ...plays wagner
loscil · endless falls
untitled #9
tatsuya nakatani · abiogenesis
those who lose dreaming are lost
subtractive lad · life at the end of the owrld
uranium city, sk
depatterning · the liminal farm ep
time to be (out of time)
dalot · loop over latitudes
to rococo rot · speculation
secret things
seven saturdays · s.t.
drum mode
gray (vincent gallo, jm basquiat) · downtown 81
electroluminescent · measures
pascaline knight
millimetrik · northwest passage's new era
the shuffler
heiki · paper + sound
dryft · ventricle
a nomads retreat
pantha du prince · black noise
paper stars
microbunny · 49 swans
the balding generation (losing hair as we lose hope)
port-royal · dying in time
persuader's theme
john barry · best of john barry
as far as ends go
spanova · beautiful lifelines
not too bad
skalpel · s.t.
ian simmonds · return to x
misc romance
fond of tigers · continent & western
fond of tigers · continent & western
you put a small on me
mathew dear · black city
town mouse
dosh · tommy