Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 26, 2010

Broadcast on 26-Jul-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

thomas fehlmann, ltj bukem, spool...
verbrilli sound, pantha du prince, heiki...
trentemoller, telefuzz, montag...
unklnik, ian simmonds, dosh...
unkle, freeworm, panda bear...
le loup, broken social scene, little girls...
stars, neon indian...
and some others I forgot to mention.

Track Listing:

thomas fehlmann · gute luft
thomas fehlmann · gute luft
close to the source
ltj bukem · journey inwards
spool · s.t.
for eugene chadborne & henry kaiser
klimek · dedications
decent people
verbrilli sound · many colured butterflies
the splendour
pantha du prince · black noise
the shuffler
heiki · paper + sound
telefuzz · the finaciers of samsara
shades of marble
trentemoller · into the great wide yonder
massive attack · mezzanine
no aloha (the breeders)
montag · des casettes et un walkman jaune
rewind + grind
various (unklnik) · barefeat presents
caribou · swim
man with no thumbs
ian simmonds · last states of nature
dosh · tommy
on a wire
unkle · where did the night fall
a midsummernight's dream
minus 8 · beyond beyond
gran manje
freeworm · vegetation=fuel
Take Pills
Panda Bear · Person Pitch
le loup · family
bibio · ambivalence avenue
meet me in the basement
broken social scene · forgiveness rock record
sentimental x's
broken social scene · forgiveness rock record
Little Girls · Concepts
do you want a boyfriend
tender trap · dansette dansette
dead hearts
stars · the five ghosts
mind drips
neon indian · psychis chasms
the big fight
various (minotaur shock) · stars: do you trust your friends