Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 19, 2010

Broadcast on 19-Jul-2010

8:00am - 12:11pm

debashish bhattacharya, adham shaikh/uwe neumann...
eccodeck, dehli 2 dublin, dj dolores...
freeworm, natacha atlas, watcha clan...
pacifica, alex cuba, dosh...
trentemoller, aidan baker...
calexico, timbre tembre, deep dark woods...
and more - also some non folk fest artists for good measure.

Track Listing:

debashish bhattacharya · o shakuntala
sansa dreams
adham shaikh/uwe neumann · jadur madur
silent song
eccodek · shivaboom
dehli 2 dublin · remixed
danger global warming
dj dolores · 1 real
rambling in the sun
freeworm · vegetation = fuel
third eye tribe · wub-suffer
hayati inta
natacha atlas · anish maoul
watcha clan · diaspora hihi
gare de lyon
dosh · tommy
diaspora hifi
watcha clan · diaspora hifi
mas y mas
pacifika · asuncion
hoy para siempre
alex cuba · s.t.
i zimbra
talking heads · fear of music
the beginning of the end
trentemoller · into the great yonder
aidan baker · liminoid lifeforms
Calexico · Carried To Dust
si tu disais
calexico · convict pool
green grow the rushes
rem · fables of the reconstruction
magic arrow
timbre tembre · s.t.
red wood forest
deep dark woods · hang me oh hang me
bc orienteering
said the whale · islands disappear
violent psalms
frog eyes · paul's tomb: a trriumph