Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 14, 2010

Broadcast on 14-Jun-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

another electronic musician, thomas fehlmann...
electroluminescent, seven saturdays, loscil...
microbunny, under byen, oe...
kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble, heiki...
piekoz, ookpic, caribou...
spool, dosh, blockhead...
and other delights.

Track Listing:

another electronic musician · states of space
dusted with powder
thomas fehlmann · honigpumpe
electroluminescent · oban
a beautiful day
seven saturdays · s.t.
showers of ink
loscil · endless falls
atala and rene
electroluminescent · oban
all india radio · these winter dreams
time is the fire in which we burn
kammerflimmerkollektief · wildling
life at the end of the world
subtractivelad · life at the end of the world
walden 2
pantha du prince · this bliss
evergrowing rust on a 1967 white corvair
microbunny · 49 swans
under byen · alt er tabt
sold love
oe · permanent transition
kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble · mutations ep
slab serif
heiki · paper + sound
cully exigent
piekoz · from photograph, rabbit making rust
ransack the night
ookpik · captain starlite
girl i love you
massive attack · heligoland
caribou · swim
antibody else
87 things for the future · meta 4's
spool · s.t.
gare de lyon
dosh · tommy
tin flower
rjd2 · the colossus
down home
ian simmonds · the burgenland dubs
stay the same
bonobo · black sands
it's raining clouds
blockhead · the music scene
worthless chaff
crownland · s.t.