Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 15, 2010

Broadcast on 15-Mar-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

steve reich, john adams, robert ashley...
gavin bryers, david byrne, laurie anderson...
role mach, tetrix, osso...
tim hecker, subtractive lad, another electronic musician...
jaga jazzist, minus 8, pantha du prince...
and more

Track Listing:

come out
steve reich · phases
christian zeal and activity
john adams · the chairman dances
robert ashley · how elenor's idea
jesus' blood never failed me yet
gavin bryers · a portait
social studies
david byrne · the knee plays
the fifth plague
various (laurie anderrson) · plague songs
news has a kind of mystery
john adams · nixon in china
fugue 1
role mach · orffesques and fugues
tetrix · 10/classixs
interlude 1: dream sequence...
sufjan stevens · bqe
year of the tiger
osso · run rabbit run
slumberer in green
oorn · life is too short to be worthwhile
fields and axioms
another electronic musician · states of space
200 years ago
tim hecker · an imaginary country
summer in your mouth
subtractive lad · life at the end of the world
jaga jazzist · one armed bandit
minus 8 · beyond beyond
lay in a shimmer
pantha du prince · black noise
making up words
heiki · paper + sound
pray for rain
massive attack · heligoland
ian simmonds · the burgenland dubs
natural yogurt band · away with melancholy