Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 8, 2010

Broadcast on 08-Feb-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

james leyland kirby, foal, klimek...
osso, sufjan stevens, role mach...
do make say think, thee silver mt zion...
mitchell akiyama, tim hecker, robin rimbaud...
laurie anderson, john cale, soso...
and many other heart felt songs

Track Listing:

when we parted my heart wanted to die pt 3
james leyland kirby · sadly, the future is no longer what it was
foal · foliage
klimek · music to fall asleep
space mountain
fuck buttons · tarot sport
year of the dragon
osso · run rabbit run
movement iv: the emperor of centrifuge
sufjan stevens · bqe
orffessque one & seven
role mach · orffesques and fugues
Do Make Say Think · Other Truths
built myself a metal bird
thee silver mt zion orchestra · kollaps tradixionales
fall away fall away
mitchell akiyama · if night is a weed and day grows less
sea of pulses
tim hecker · an imaginary country
robin rimbaud · the garden is full of metal
canon pt II
various (hal wilner) · weird nightmare - mediations on mingus
world without end
laurie anderson · bright red
do not go gently into that night
john cale · words for the dying
all the useless things these hands...
soso · tinfoil on the windows
mother stands for comfort
kate bush · hounds of love
dead friends around the corner
einsturzende neubauten · perpetuum mobile
ron sexsmith · dopamine
sake ballad
frank chickens · the best of the frank chickens
daddy come home
tom tom club · dark sneak love action
st lucy's gate
snow pony · the slow motion world of snow pony
the dolphins and the sharks
crime and the city solution · paradise discotheque
deadbeat · new world observer
love in outer space
2562 · unbalance
la loup · family
montag/low · des casettes et un walkman jaune