Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 18, 2010

Broadcast on 18-Jan-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

electric birds, arc lab, hammock, lots of n5md label stuff- aerosol, port royal (both current), loess, subtractive lad (Vancouver), Another Electronic Musician, Quench

then some enuma elish (Laviathan), Mr Dibbs, batard sensibles ES, Gjallarhon (Finnish), all indai redio, bombay dub orchestra, tommy t (Prester John Sessions)

Track Listing:

windy hill, parallelogram
electric birds · s/t
qwert ameliorate
arc lab · the nineteen floors
arc lab · """"
rising tide, starsin the rearview mirror
hammock · kenotik
19 floors
arc lab · the nineteen floors
if we keep going we risk everything
arc lab · the nineteen floors
infinite expanse
aerosol · airborne
hva, anna ustinova
port royal · dying in time
track 1
loess · wind and water
safety in numbers
subtractive lad · suture
track 6
Last Days · Sea
another electronic musician · patience
track 4
subtractive lad · no man's land
quench · punctuated
track 1
Quench · caipuss
enuma elish · leviathan
Habitat 2nd element
Mr Dibbs · Primitive Tracks
ebisu rendez vous
batards Sensibles ES · ?
tokyo/ better days remix
ming + FS · artifact Perspectives
permanent evolutions
all india radio · permanent evolutions
feasting with panthers
bombay dub orchestra · 3 cities
tommy t · prester john sessions