Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 11, 2010

Broadcast on 11-Jan-2010

8:00am - 11:00am

broken social scene, miles davis, klimek...
nils petter molvaer, future sound of london...
ensemble, osso, years, role mach...
andrew thomas, exene cervenka, brian eno...
underworld, scanner, terre thaemlitz...
and many more tunes to help you cope

Track Listing:

lover's spit
broken social scene · bee hives
conierto de aranjuez (adagio)
miles davis · sketches of spain
working towards independence
klimek · music to fall asleep
song of sand
nils petter molvaer · ligotage
high tide on the sea of flesh
future sound of london · future sound of london
ensemble · ensemble
year of the dragon
osso · run rabbit run
future sound of london · future sound of london
la femme sans histoire
francoiz breut · s.t.
fall of winter
years · s.t.
fugue one
role mach · orffesques & fugues
the water
Feist · the reminder
skip wave
michael brook · cobalt blue
fearsome jewel
various (andrew thomas) · pop ambient 2004
let go and be sweet
exene cervenka · somewhere gone
every mother stand up
brian eno · my squelchy life
interlude I: dream sequence in subi circumnavigation
sufjan stevens · bqe
best mamgu ever
underworld · oblivion with bells
neon bible
the arcade fire · neon bible
pietas ilulia
scanner · rockets, unto the edges of edges
bonnie & clyde
serge gainsbourg · comic strip
it's not the worst i ever looked
lali puna · i thought i was over that
terre thaemlitz · couture cosmetique
3rd density blues
sinewave · unity gain
bonnie prince billie/tortoise · brave and the bold
helado negro · awe owe
lost umbrellas
adriane lake · morning glow