Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 19, 2009

Broadcast on 19-Oct-2009

8:00am - 11:00am

jonsi & alex, au, moritz von oswald trio...
mitchell akiyama, tinkertoy, alka...
aerosol, hc-b, naw...
klimek & husak, port-royal, karl blau...
atlas sound, digits, a sunny day in glasgow...
and other delicious tidbits

Track Listing:

jonsi & alex · riceboy sleeps
au · au
patterns 3
moritz von oswald trio · vertical ascent
resist change nicely
mitchell akiyama · hope that lines don't cross
here & there
tinkertoy · electric wilderness
alka · deployed
softly slipping
aerosol · airborne
a dusty book, a city of lights
hc-b · soundcheck for a missing movie
foggy autumn dawn
naw · the resound of a foggy autumn dawn
the godfather
various (klimek & husak) · pop ambient 2009
tortoise · beacons of ancestorship
balding generation (losing hair as we lose hope)
port-royal · dying in time
shovel song
karl blau · zebra
quick canal (w laetitia sadier)
atlas sound · logos
betty hill
zoe trio · for the community
robin judge · pattern
warrant for your love
digits · hold it close
ladies of the new century
mum · sing alaong to songs you don't know
a sunny day in glasgow · ashes grammar
leloup · family
Ohbijou · Beacons
misled children/clutchy hopkins · peoples market
clls III