Breakfast With The Browns Episode August 24, 2009

Broadcast on 24-Aug-2009

8:00am - 11:00am

p namlook/b laswell, h czukay, the grid...
biosphere, arclab, the field...
orang, panda bear, besnard lakes...
ride, moev, sonic youth...
swans, hip type, dan deacon...
and others

Track Listing:

p. namlook/b. laswell · outland 4
traum mal wieder
various (h. czukay) · ambient vol 1
leave your body
various (the grid) · ambient vol 1
the shield
biosphere · patashnik
i'm all vectors
arc.lab · no.spectre
i have the moon you have the internet
the field · yesterday and today
gavin froome · post + beam
fixed elections
deadbeat · something borowed, something blue
little brother
'o'rang · heard of instinct
mix 11
various (mlo-dj food) · plastic apple
good girl carrots
panda bear · person pitch
for spy turned musician
besnard lakes · st
moonlight medicine
ride · st
moev · the early years
shadow of a doubt
sonic youth · evol
some velvet morning/good day sunshine
slowdive · souvlaki
love will save you
swans · white light from the mouth of infinity
love for everyman
hip type · let me in
build voice
dan deacon · bromst
slept on the shores
various (telefuzz) · manoeuvrres 3
stillnes is the move
dirty projectors · bitte orca
bibio · ambivalence avenue