Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 15, 2009

Broadcast on 15-Jun-2009

8:00am - 11:00am

the field, spool, telefuzz...
tarwater, ensemnble, kitty craft...
au revoire simone, bike for three, dirty projectors...
mathew dear, kinnie starr, freeworm...
and much more...enjoy

Track Listing:

i have the moon you have the internet
the field · yesterday and today
spool · s.t.
one hundred light years of solitude
telefuzz · sleep
bwa kayinian
beats on canvas · s.t.
seven of nine
tarwater · the needle was travelling
remain calm
spool · ...saves the world
3rd density blues
sinewave · unity gain
drum and bays
the verbrilli sound · many coloured butterflies
ensemble · s.t.
locked groove
kitty craft · beats and breaks from the flower patch
trace a line
au revoire simone · still night, still light
beginning/night driving
bike for three · more heart than brains
Useful Chamber
Dirty Projectors · Bitte Orca
elementary lover
mathew dear · asa breed
kinnie starr · sun again
Dull to Pause
Junior Boys · Begone Dull Care
gavin froome · post + beam
cracked mirror
moev · rotting geraniums ep
black rainbow
st vincent · actor
praise my 3 a's
freeworm · vegetation = fuel
psapp · the camel's back
konki duet · mountain mouton
cologne, cerrone, houdini
goldfrapp · seventh tree
elektra bregenz
tosca · no hassle
build voice
dan deacon · bromst
the pharaohs
neko case · middle cyclone
rewind and grind
various (unklnik) · barefeat presents
finger traps
fascade @ 137 db · character of the moment