Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 27, 2009

Broadcast on 27-Apr-2009

8:00am - 11:00am

windy and carl, subtractive lad, pan american...
winter equinox, soso, montag...
world standard, william shatner, mariachi los camperos...
neko case, francoiz breut, dan deacon...
and much much more

Track Listing:

ode to spaceman
windy and carl · portal
pebbles and shells
subtractive lad · where land meets the sky
there can be no thought of finishing...
pan american · white bird release
it's always night time somewhere
winter equinox · safe and sound
bear bell
koen holtkamp · field rituals
3am rutherford's rock
electroluminescent · measures
the goose hunter pt 1 & 2
soso · 10th street and clarence
la symetrie du coeur
montag · hibernation
the barns
various (kristin miltner) · habitat
cowboys don't cry
world standard · country gazette
has been
william shatner · has been
bell orchestre · as seen through windows
que se me acabe la vida
mariachi los camperos · amor, dolor y lagrimas
west world
valley of the giants · s.t.
les jeunes pousses
francoiz breut · a l'aveuglette
staircase, attic and out the window
voices and organs · orphans
apple on every branch
organ trail · wagon train
vengence is sleeping
neko case · middle cyclone
l'automne avant l'heure
francoiz breut · a l'aveuglette
of the mountains
dan deacon · bromst
bubbles and wheezy
the hylozoists · l'ile de sept villes
the chorus in the underground
great lake swimmers · lost channels
red tide
neko case · middle cyclone
country of the future
mirah · (a)spera
the empty quarter
pram · the moving frontier
beats on canvas · s.t.
andrew bird · noble beast
somewhere there is a record of our actions
psapp · the camel's back
montag · hibernation