Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 6, 2009

Broadcast on 06-Apr-2009

8:00am - 11:00am

tim hecker, beatles, residents...
j hendrix, kraftwerk, vaselisk...
recoil, intermission audio lab, psychic tv...
test department, bell orchestre, jon hassell...
etc etc etc

Track Listing:

pluie 1
tim hecker · n.a.
revolution 9
beatles · white album
whatever happend to vileness fats
residents · heaven
a mermaid i should turn out to be
jimi hendrix · electric ladyland
vaselisk · liberation & ecstacy
organisation (kraftwerk) · tone float
recoil · sub human
hole in my pocket
intermission audio lab · high commission
psychic tv · diamond hidden in the mouth of a corpse
test department · proven in action
& the gods made love/moon, turn the tides
jimi hendrix · electric ladyland
who would believe us
intermission audio lab · high commission
fibre forms · n.a.
Bell Orchestre · As Seen Through Windows
chor moire
jon hassell · dream theory in malaya
in a letter to hg wells, 1932
pan american · white bird release
love you to
beatles · revolver
hey man
spacemen 3 · sound of confusion
after hours
caribou · andorra
night scare
chris joss · sticks
parents don't let your children..
the hylozoists · l'ile de sept villes
just a sip
insideamind · scatterpopia
spanish gold, 2044
swan lake · enemy mine