Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 9, 2009

Broadcast on 09-Mar-2009

8:00am - 11:00am

jon hassell, bitcrush, gas...
jeff greinke, slowdive, beats on canvas...
carpet musics, to rococo rot, bell orchestre...
hylozoists, agf, efterklang...
organ trail, neko case, goldfrapp...

Track Listing:

open secret (paris)
jon hassell/maarifa street · magic realism 2
light on water
jon hassell · last night the moon...
an island, a penninsula
bitcrush · epilogue in waves
gas · konigsforst
electroluminescent · measures
jeff greinke · in another place
jon hassell · last night the moon...
good day sunshine
slowdive · souvlaki
half light
koen holtkamp · field rituals
sinking the 8 ball in zaire
beats on canvas · s.t.
sleeping (on trains)
carpet musics · weekday
she understands the dynamics
to rococo rot · taken from vinyl
as seen through windows
bell orchestre · as seen through windows
scenes from when
ethan rose · oaks
bras d'or lakes
hylozoists · l'ile de sept villes
uncle iroh's teahouse
various (cheryl e leonard) · habitat
private birds
agf · westernization completed
agf · head slash bauch
step aside
efterklang · tripper
some velvet morning
slowdive · souvlaki
the faithful
organ trail · wagon train
deep red bells
neko case · black listed
the pharaohs
neko case · middle cyclone
monster love
goldfrapp · seventh tree