Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 29, 2008

Broadcast on 29-Dec-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

klaus sculze/lisa gerrard, perfume tree, veloce...
popol vuh, headphone science, talk talk...
philip jeck, spacemen 3, gultskra artikler...
lanterns, millimetrik, pica beats...

Track Listing:

liquid coincidence pt 1
klaus schulze/lisa gerrard · farscape
a million things
perfume tree · feeler
veloce · s.t.
angel of the air/hosiana mantra
popol vuh · hosiana mantra
but it's not him
headphone science · consider the problems
sun sets digital
headphone science · sun sets digital
talk talk · laughing stock
bluebeard (acoustic)
cocteau twins · selections
philip jeck · sand
paint box
various (jody redhage) · music works 102
an evening of contemporary sitar music
spacemen 3 · dreamweapon
gultskra artikler · berezka
n.h. 3
dj brace · e.n.o.
dir tup
lanterns · monkey lament
le libraire obscur du mont d'iberville
millimetrik · northwest passage's new era
keyboards is drunk
tickley feather · s.t.
hikikomori and the rental sisters
pica beats · beating back the claws of the cold
los hongos de marosa
juana molina · un dia
valery gore · avalanche to wandering bear
rounded tree
dot tape dot · tomavistas
black & costaud
my brightest diamond · a thousand shark's teeth
a story from a chair
wildbirds & peacedrums · heartcore
goldfrapp · seventh tree
tides in their grave
talkdemonic · eyes at halfmast