Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 6, 2008

Broadcast on 06-Oct-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

four tet, subtractive lad, last days...
bitcrush, panda bear, dot tape dot...
e.d. swankz, tricky, lal...
tarwater, telefuzz, verbrilli sound...
bookashade, dosh, the organ...
and a whole lot more

Track Listing:

four tet · s.t.
spoiled honey
subtractive lad · apparatus
subtractive lad · giving up the ghost
like conquistadors
arc.lab · the goodbye radio
reasons to go
last days · these places are now ruins
bitcrush · epilogue in waves
the sticks
b friedman / j liebzeit · secret rhythms 2
Search for Delicious
Panda Bear · Person Pitch
equanim · instrumental language
rosa luxemburger
dot tape dot · tomavistas
slumming with montalban
various (e.d. swankz) · deepdown tempos vol 1
the real funicello
various (the william caslon experience) · blue light one
cross to bear
tricky · knowle west boy
leila · blood, looms and blooms
into the sake
various (e.d. swankz) · headlands 02
yor body could start a war
lal · deportation
nh 10
dj brace · e.n.o.
across the dial
tarwater · the needle was travelling
telefuzz · sleep
breathe something/stellar star
flying lotus · los angeles
blind tiger
pram · the moving frontier
many coloured butterflies
verbrilli sound · many coloured butterflies
bookashade · the sun and the neon light
the jumper cables
pete samples · the jumper cables
food cycles
dosh · wolves and wishes
fractal dream of a thing
stereolab · chemical chords
oh what a feeling
The Organ · thieves
le daylight
tickley feather · s.t.